Best Airlines in the World

Best Airlines in the World

An airline provides air transport services for passengers or freight with operating certificate or license. Airlines own their aircrafts which help supply these services and form partnerships with other airlines for mutual benefits. Moreover, airlines include many types such as a single aircraft carrying mail or cargo via full-service international airlines operating hundreds of airplanes. Airline services can be classified as being intercontinental, intra continental, domestic, or international and may run as scheduled services. Below is the list of the best airlines of the world:


Malaysia Airlines is ranked the 10th best airlines and is suitable for common customers


Thai Airways is famous for its departure lounge with large piano, massage services, and luxurious bars


Emirates of Arab Emirate is highly appreciated for its best entertainment service in their flights


Qantas Airlines of Australia is ranked 6th


Etihad Airways of Arab Emirates is widely-known for its first-class apartments


Air New Zealand is voted as the best airline of Oceania


Thanks to the innovation of interior designs and customer services, Qatar Airways is ranked 3rd


Singapore Airlines is famous for its comfortable seats and best customer services


Asiana Airlines of Korea is famous for its delicious Korean foods, luxurious entertainment services, and considerate flight attendants



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Why Airlines Need Competition

Why Airlines Need Competition

The airline holds a virtual monopoly for intra-Caribbean flights, and it shows. Once they canceled a flight because of “technical reasons”. Most people realised that the real reason was economy as the flight was poorly booked. No apology, let alone compensation. Another time I almost missed a flight because it left half an hour early. Since I only had hand luggage it was so convenient to kick me out. On numerous occasions my luggage was lost and in most cases I had to go to the airport myself. Another time I was refused boarding although I had a confirmed booking even though I could show the itinerary printed by a travel agent.

Today I was on a flight to St Maarten. While in transit in Antigua I was given a boarding pass for a late afternoon flight, while I remembered having booked a 5 hours earlier morning flight.  Initially the check in agent said the flight was full, but later it appeared there was a free seat. The Antigua supervisor on duty, only wanted to put me on the earlier flight without a penalty if I could provide evidence that I booked the earlier flight. She also acknowledged that it could have happened that the reservation was changed because the earlier flight was full and admitted that it would have been illogical to book a flight with a 6 hour transit time. Only by paying a penalty I was allowed on the earlier flight. However that flight did not depart because of engine problems.  

Time after time the flight was delayed with consecutive announcements that the flight would leave in half an hour. When we were called in to go to the gate we were asked to wait in an assembly line. We all had to stand for 20 minutes. Upon arrival in St Maarten after waiting 40 minutes for my bag it was not there. There was no agent to deal with baggage complaints; other agents said there was nobody fromthe airline around and I would best go to the ticket office. They in turn referred me to the (only) check-in agent. After waiting in line for passengers to check in a note was made on a minuscule piece of paper. After arrival of the later flight I called all their numbers in St Maarten; none of the phones were answered. Later, when I took a taxi to the airport, I was told that this happens when they are busy with an incoming or departing flight. After spending some time chatting to passengers who missed their international flights because their Liat flight came in late -they were waiting for hours without any care-, I finally got my luggage at 4:45 pm. My afternoon was ruined.

On the return trip there was only an hour delay but again: no luggage. Two days later I finally got it.

The attitude of their staff is generally friendly, but there are exceptions that I would not call rude, but are clearly not interested in providing  fair service to their customers. Possibly they are instructed by their management to avoid complimentary services at any cost.

After their only major competitor dropped out,they drastically increased their prices. Some time ago, they hired all pilots of a small competing airline -all at the same time-, driving that airline practically out of business.  As sad as it is, there is no alternative for Intra-Caribbean travel, except the boat, which -at times- can be faster and In the Northern Caribbean where several small regional airlines are active.

Tourists arriving in the Caribbean with intercontinental flights usually have 2 free baggages. As this airline does not participate in checking through to final destination anymore (there seem to be no arrangements anymore with other airlines to issue intercontinental tickets including theirs), passengers have to check in again. And get presented with hefty luggage charges which are never waived as far as I have observed.

On the positive side,they provide comprehensive Intra-Caribbean flights throughout the whole region which are a necessity. The moral of this article: Be careful when you fly on routes ruled by one airline only. The lack of competition is not good for their commercial and service attitude.

James Post moved to Grenada after a career in the high tech electronics industry in the Netherlands, where he was called the “Ultimate Frequent Flyer”. In 2000 he felt it was time for a change and moved to the Caribbean to realize his dream: to build a small, sustainable resort (

How airlines go green?

How airlines go green?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important in business. The airline industry, being highly concentrated, aims to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and remain viable. Particularly, after the recent credit crisis that has caused airfare prices to decline significantly, airlines need to act responsibly and convince their customers that they really care for the environment.


Although cars and trucks are typically to blame for their gas emissions and their detrimental impact on the environment, airlines are also to blame. Although aircrafts are extremely efficient while in high altitude, they burn up about 85 percent of their total fuel during take-off. The increase in carbon dioxide emissions is the result of the increase in passenger and freight travel. In other words, if the aircraft is full, it will burn more energy because it will be heavier.


Because the engines for most commercial aircrafts are huge, their re-engineering for improved carbon emissions is a process that requires systematic efforts, time and money. Yet, in the context of corporate social responsibility, airlines have taken action.


Major airlines (British Airways, Continental Airlines, Qantas Airways, Japan Airlines and many others) have launched a carbon-offset program that allows passengers to offset the carbon dioxide emissions caused by their flights. Passengers calculate the per-passenger emissions per flight and buy carbon dioxide credits that are invested in a variety of environmental projects such as grants for renewable energy sources, tree-planting projects and improvements to energy efficiency. Airlines are active in promoting the carbon-offset program through press releases, magazine articles and emails to executive club members. One hindering factor has been the rise in fuel prices that has put off passengers from paying for additional costs.


The high costs of fuel and gasoline have forced airlines to employ the mass transit system. In fact, mass transit can demonstrate improved fuel efficiency and its usage increased since the hike in gasoline prices. Besides, studies suggest that there is an inverse correlation between energy consumption per capita and urban population density as far as public transportation is concerned. This can reduce travel distances and fuel consumption. By applying this concept in an airline, not only it makes air travel more affordable, but it is also environmentally friendly. It’s actually like breaking down the airplane in smaller airplanes, all going the same direction.


Northwest Airlines does not use spoons in its in-flight meals suggesting that the aircraft becomes lighter if 400 passengers of a jumbo jet are served three meals during a flight with fewer cutleries. Other airlines are using lighter catering trolleys, remove in-flight magazines, put duty-free catalogues onto the seat-back televisions and load less water (both bottled and in the tank). They do anything to make the airplane lighter.


Aircraft seats are also expected to be up to 30% lighter than the current ones, made of composite replacing aluminium. Besides, the shields for the in-flight televisions are made of reinforced carbon fibre, which reduces their weight by 50%.


The airline industry is constantly looking for ways to intensify the use of alternative carbon-free bio-fuels, aiming to account for up to 6% of the industry total by 2020. In this effort, there are also challenges faced, deriving mainly from the political environment of the airlines. There are many different views on climate change as well as different levels of awareness surrounding the topic, leading to different views in regards to necessary action.


The fact that aircrafts contribute to environmental pollution has forced air carriers to find ways to become environmentally friendly, while maintaining their market share and profitability. Major airlines have accepted to make efforts towards the reduction of their emissions after being pressurized by civil society and political groups. From one side, increased passenger traffic and freight travel leads to increased profitability. On the other side, their public image is far more important if they seek to be leading players in a highly concentrated industry.


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Asiana Airlines Facts

Asiana Airlines Facts
Asiana Airlines was at one time mostly a South Korean airline, which it basically still is. Among travelers, it has slowly become one of the most favorite when it comes to Asian locations. With so many global business travelers visiting places such as China, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and other places as well, Asiana Airlines has aided in getting the growing demand there. The following are a few of the features that have aided in making Asiana Airlines very successful.

Asiana Airlines has been well documented for providing its travel and business class travelers better than average service. But it is the first class service that is considered to be extremely rewarding. Keep in mind that many of the flights offered by this airline are quite long, so being comfortable is extremely important. All seats are covered by piece of plastic to guarantee privacy and also stretch out in a horizontal position. The menus are produced by pro chefs and consist of dishes that are traditionally Korean, Japanese and Western.

In addition, you can choose from gourmet coffees, wines and liqueurs. On longer flights, passengers are even supplied with pajamas. In short, being a First Class passenger on an Asiana Airlines flight is about as close as you can get to having your own private room.

If you are going to Asia on board Asiana Airlines, you may want to think about going to more than one place in Asia if you can squeeze it into your schedule. Sometimes it is possible to visit more than one country and airfare would be much cheaper than going to each location individually.

For the person who wanted to take an exceptional trip around the globe, it would be a very good to jam pack as much as you can into one trip. The network that Asiana Airlines belongs to, Star Alliance, offers Round the World fares to make it easier to explore more destinations on a single journey.

You might be able to locate cheap tickets with Asiana Airlines if you know how to search and you have flexible travel times. If you’re planning a trip to Asia, you know that the cost of flying can be quite expensive. However, for many different reasons, all airlines will offer cheaper tickets. You can often get the best deals if you look up the fares online. You can usually get a cheaper fare if you plan in advance or buy your ticket at the very last minute. One of the great benefits of getting a cheap flight with Asiana is that it doesn’t matter how much you purchased the ticket for, you will still get all of the wonderful amenities that they are known for. However, when you are shopping around for discounted airfares, ensure that you are doing business with a reputable airline.

All in all, Asiana Airlines can turn your Asian flight into a fun and relaxing trip, no matter if it is for business or personal reasons. When you are traveling by flight, especially on long ones, the way that the airline act professionally can make a huge impact on your flight. Asiana Airlines is a very well liked airline that is aware of exactly what its passengers like.

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Malaysia Airlines Booking

Malaysia Airlines Booking

True to its slogan: “When you fly with us, You’ll feel as if you never left home,” Malaysia Airlines has prided itself as being one of the prime choice for booking flights to and from Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines booking is fast, convenient, and user-friendly.

The most convenient method to book a flight with Malaysia Airlines is to go through their website, From the website, you can choose to book a flight, check flight timings, and find out more about their travel services and other pieces of information.

If you want to book a flight online, all you have to do is to click the BOOK NOW button just below the Book a Flight tab. The window will then lead you to a new page, which indicates the Flight Requirements.

In this window you will need to choose if you are flying one-way or round trip. After which, you will indicate your place of origin and your place of destination opposite the dates to correspond accordingly to the departure and arrival to and from the destination and origin.

Next field that you have to fill in is the flight classification that you want to travel. The categories that are divided into four categories are as follow: Economy Class, Economy Plus Class, Business Class and First Class. You will also need to choose your desired currency that you will use to arrange for your payment.

You have the option to indicate the number of the people to fly with you. After the fields above are accordingly accomplished, you are ready to go through the next few pages, which will guide you to through the payment processing by providing the pertinent pieces of information required.

If you are not comfortable in placing your bookings online, you also have the option of placing your Malaysia Airlines booking through their 24-hour Call Center. For those who are booking from inside Malaysia, you can dial the following numbers: 1 300 88 3000. Those who are booking from outside Malaysia, on the other hand, you can dial the numbers: + 603 7843 3000.

Aside from having the features of booking conveniently through either of the methods mentioned above, you can also choose your meals, book your preferred hotels, avail of medical care while traveling and know the other information and services relating to your flights both through online or their call center hotline.

Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines

Singapore Airlines and Turkish Airlines

When you book airlines tickets, what is the key factor that strikes your mind? Airfares! Most of you will certainly go for a comparative analysis at a travel portal and choose the cheapest option displayed. And then the booking takes place. This is the procedure generally followed by many a travel freak. There are people who do consider a blend of other factors as well, especially for long journeys. It may be the comfortability, meals, entertainment, discounts, etc. If you want to fly to an international destination covered by Singapore Airlines or Turkish Airlines or any other international airline, you can either visit a travel portal for comparative analysis or the respective corporate sites. One advantage of visiting the corporate sites is that you can come across hot deals to many of the destinations covered besides other benefits.

Singapore Airlines Tickets are cheap; of course you will find little difference in the airfares if you compare the same with Turkish Airlines or some other airline. The inflight entertainment options on board Singapore Airlines are worth mentioning; you won’t find a long journey mind-numbing. Right from movies, television programmes, music to games & applications, PC experience, access to entertainment devices, communication facilities and more, you can avail all. These entertainment options are available on few Singapore Airlines tickets – A380, A340-500, A330-300, Boeing 777-300ER and other selected Boeing 777 and Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

This flag carrier of Singapore has a robust presence in the Asian and Australian skies. Trans-Pacific flights are also operated; two of the world’s longest non-stop commercial flights from Singapore to Newark and Los Angeles on the Airbus A340-500 are run by Singapore Airlines. Visit the airline’s corporate site and get the bookings of Singapore Airlines tickets done to your advantage.

Turkish Airlines operates scheduled services to a total of 165 destinations (127 international and 35 domestic) covering the skies of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. If you are geared up to visit any of the destinations Turkish Airlines covers, avail the advantage of the cheap air tickets offered at its corporate site.

Pardeep Kumar is an internationally known author who writes on Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines Tickets and Turkish Airlines.

Detroit Airport Airlines

Detroit Airport Airlines

Different flights are flown from Detroit airport as it is one of the largest airport found in America and hence most of the American people use this airport for the travelling purpose as it gives people with all sort of activities and facilities that a person desires for. Different airlines such as American airlines, continental airlines, airtran Airways and many other airlines are flown out through this airport. This airport serves as the main airport in America and on the other hand it tells people about other airlines information too.

At a time many flights can be taken off from the airport such as the passenger airlines and the cargo airlines. The cargo airlines include ABX Air, FedEx, Volga-Dnepr and other airlines too. The history of this airport goes back to a longer time period and different terminals are found in the airport. Strict rules and regulations are found to be followed in the airport. Before the taking off the flight the security checks all the details of the passenger and the passenger himself is checked up for any mishappening and even the details about the flight are also given to the pilot as well who plays an important role in the lives of people so that anything bad is avoided to be happened up in this case.

Other activities are also found in the airport such as the parking area for the car or other parking vehicles has also been established so that they can park their cars easily without any disturbance. People in the airport who stay for a longer time period are also provided with different facilities such as hotel rooms, lunch etc and other things. They do not let their customers go unsatisfied as satisfaction is the main aim of the airport. Charter airlines are also present on the airport such as the Ryan International, USA 3000 etc.

Visit Metro Airport Transportation, Detroit Metro Airport Transportation


If you picture you, your family and friends or partner embarking upon a luxurious African safari getaway, the images that come to mind are probably those of you enjoying the scenery, relaxing and unwinding or taking part in thrilling activities that explore the wildlife. The last thing you would want to happen on such a holiday is finding yourself lost on the way to your holiday destination, attempting to decipher maps youve never seen before and getting lost on the dirt roads in the African bush. All of these are possibilities when you travel by car to your holiday destination, but booking a shuttle flight with a reliable airline can ensure you dont end up in that situation.

Shuttle flights are endlessly valuable to those going on a safari holiday where the game lodge or other accommodation they are scheduled to stay at is far from the airport or in a very remote place, and since this is often the case, airlines often offer shuttle flights that will transport you safely to your destination. These shuttle flights will not only make sure you arrive there safely, but you will be travelling in comfort and have the opportunity to appreciate the African landscape by air.

Federal Air is the number one aviation partner for top safari destinations across Southern Africa, and is committed to making sure their customers experience an unparalleled travel experience. Multiple daily shuttle departures to top game lodges in the most remote and breathtaking parts of Africa are offered, as well as the ability to check seat availability online and book 12 months in advance. With internationally recognized Safety and Quality management systems and numerous services offered to all their passengers, you can rest assured that your journey will be a comfortable and safe one.