Aircraft management services – you need the best

Not all aircraft management services are the same. While most of them will provide the basic services you will need, there are those who go beyond the basics a little. Before deciding which company to use, know everything you can do about it – and if they can deliver what you want, rather than having to accept the standard services they provide. Remember, you have options. It is important to explore them all before signing any agreements.

Things to consider while looking for an aircraft management company

* How long has the company been operating? Startups can give you good rates, but they won’t have the experience you might need.

* What services other than the basics they provide? Some extensions will cost a little bit more, but if they are important to you then it will be a good investment. At the very least, aircraft ownership is not cheap, and the slim disk when it comes to maintenance and other services doesn’t make sense. Of course, you want to make sure you get a fair rate.

* List the services and options you wish to have, along with a list of what you will not do without. This can help you narrow down the odds when deciding which company to use for your aircraft management needs.

* What are the qualifications of the employees who work for them? All employees participating in your plane must be approved for any job they hold. You should not use any company that has fewer professionals than the company.

* What is their safety record? This is important, because the better the safety record, the safer your plane will be. Do a little digging and you will not regret.

For the most part, the companies you think of should have a record of their current and former clients, and what they should say about the company in question. Request referrals before making your decision to ensure that you get the best possible experience.

Facilities and services to consider when making your decision

* Hot fold space

* Insurance against accidents or other problems that may occur at competitive prices

Availability of supplementary or regular staff such as fully trained and resident flight crew

* Transmission services and access to flight schedule for aircraft owners

There may be cases where you want to make your plane available for charter services through the management company. It will be necessary to disclose the full accounting and highest price for aircraft owners to research this endeavor. Choosing the aircraft management service that has fully qualified pilots and flight teams to operate the charter flight can actually help you afford the plane ownership costs.

Since the aircraft itself can be a major initial investment, it only makes sense to protect this investment with aircraft management services appropriate to your needs. Company-owned services may seem like the best option, but for the sake of flexibility in working with aircraft owners, the smallest reliable company is your best bet.